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yeast stress granules (Pab1-GFP) and P-bodies (Edc3-mCh) following glucose deprivation
Project Image
human stress granules (G3BP1-GFP) and P-bodies (Dcp1a-RFP) following arsenite stress

Stress granules and P-bodies are cytoplasmic biomolecular condensates conserved throughout eukaryotes. They consist of non-translating mRNAs, RNA-binding proteins, and many additional proteins, RNAs and small molecules. They are induced under conditions of cellular stress, where they may facilitate cell survival as part of the integrated stress response. Dysregulation of stress granule assembly and clearance in particular is linked to the pathology of various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases, including ALS. 

Though much is known about stress granule and P-body assembly mechanisms and composition, their underlying functions and how cells clear them remain poorly understood. These topics are of key interest to our lab.


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